Rokon Motorcycles For Sale

New Rokon 2x2 All-Terrain Motorcycles for Sale in Caldwell, Idaho

Ready to rock on through any terrain, whether there's a path or not? You're ready for a Rokon off-road motorcycle. Rokon all-terrain vehicles offer you something no other vehicle can--true go-anywhere versatility. No other gas motorbike made in the USA offers two-wheel drive via both the front and rear wheels.

What makes Rokon Bikes the best in the business? Every model for sale at our Caldwell Rokon dealership includes:

  • Two-Wheel-Drive - Power is sent directly to both the front wheel and the rear wheel, so you can keep going where other bikes would get bogged down.
  • High Ground-Clearance - Every Rokon 2x2 has over a foot of ground clearance, so you'll be able to head up and over any obstacle. You can even ford shallow water.
  • Durable All-Weather Construction - Rokon all-terrain motorcycles are built tough, with steel protective skid plates, weather-proof powder coat finish, and a sturdy steel frame.
  • Light-Footed - The Rokon's light weight (around 200 pounds), wide low-pressure off-road tires, and excellent balance allow it to stay on top of terrain that other off-road vehicles would sink right into. In fact, the track left by a Rokon is often lighter than a footprint.
  • Towing Capacity - Rokon bikes are so versatile, steady, and powerful that you can use them to tow. Rokon 2x2 ATVs can haul up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Utility and Versatility - Rokon 2x2s are available with a huge suite of features and accessories to take you even further, like snow chains, tow bars, trailers, windshields, studded tires, side cars, car carriers, gun racks, front and rear cargo racks, and brush guards.

At we offer a capable selection of these incredible off-road bikes, including several Rokon Trailbreaker 2x2 configurations in a variety of colors. Whether you want a camo bike to head out for a hunt or a utility model that will take you anywhere and everywhere, we have it here! Shop for new Rokon motorcycles near Boise, Nampa, Meridian, Eagle, Middleton, and Star ID.