Tips to Help You Avoid a Tire Blowout

Our team here at is always ready to provide Caldwell shoppers with information that helps them maintain the condition of their vehicles. A blow out can occur because of cracks in the sidewall, under-inflated tires, and over-inflated tires. If you follow these tips, it can lessen the likelihood of having a tire blow out.

The best way to avoid a tire blow out is to make certain that your tires are in good condition. However, blowouts can also occur from road hazards that include potholes and rocks. You can also reduce the risk of having a blowout if you get your tires inspected.

If you have a tire blowout, keep a firm grip on the wheel, and refrain from slamming on the brakes. Gradually slow the vehicle down and pull over. Once your car is on the side of the road, you can turn on your emergency lights and call for help.


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