Detail Services

Has your vehicle seen better days? When was the last time it sparkled in the sun? Have you just accepted dings and dents and dullness as a part of vehicle ownership, or do you long for something more? If you want your vehicle to look its best, we at are ready and waiting to help you out. We detail cars, trucks, and SUVs as you might expect, but we can take care of more than just that. We also detail boats, horse trailers, RVs, fifth-wheel trailers and more! No matter what you bring in, we'll have it looking its best in no time.

We launched our detail service in a new building, and this huge facility is now open to the public. We do more than just run some old terrycloth over your vehicle. We do a thorough detailing job to ensure that your vehicle looks its absolute finest. We don't settle for having your vehicle look "like new;" we'll have it looking even better! If you're looking for extra treatment for your truck, we offer plenty. In addition to our detail service, we can also install bed liners.

Just give us a call, or make a reservation online. We're located right here in Caldwell, ID, and we can't wait to help you out!

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