You should desire to know as much as you can about replacing a flat tire in the event you ever need to replace a flat tire on your vehicle or on the vehicle of a friend or family member. Getting your car towed and having a repair shop replace a flat tire can cost you hundreds, in some cases even thousands, of dollars.

If you are driving and you get a flat, you should not just stop because you can get smashed from the back. However, you should immediately put on your hazard lights and pull into a safe location. Once in a safe location, you will then loosen the lug nuts; this is done first because it's usually the hardest part of this job. Once the lug nuts are loosened, you can then place a jack under your car and lift the vehicle up at least four feet from the ground. At this point, you can proceed to take the flat tire off the car and put on the new one. It cannot be stressed enough to tighten the new tire before the car is lowered and then again once the jack is removed. This will assure safety.

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