Is Your Vehicle Leaking Fluid?

Fluid leaks never lead to anything good for car owners. Vehicles rely on various fluids for many reasons. Once fluid leaks out, a car could suffer serious problems. Overheating, damage to the engine and the inability to stop the car are among those troubles. So, drivers must be mindful of common fluid leaks.

Motor oil and coolant leaks might be the ones drivers are most familiar with. Almost all drivers know they have to change their oil and antifreeze at specified intervals, so most usually keep tabs on levels for these fluids. There's good reason to do so. An engine could end up totaled if oil or coolant levels go too low.

All fluids, however, are essential for a vehicle's operations. Transmission, power steering, brake, and differential fluid all serve vital purposes. If you suspect a leak, call our service department to check things out. Our dealership works with top mechanics to assist drivers with different maintenance needs.

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