Tire sizes can appear complicated, especially if you rarely encounter them. We wish to remove a little mystery from the tire-size equation now. Gaining this info will enable you to shop efficiently when you need new tires for your Caldwell, ID-area vehicle.

Commonly, tire sizes begin with an abbreviation. When it's a P, we're talking about a passenger car's tire. Meanwhile, LT is shorthand for light truck. That category covers many SUVs, too.

Next, all tire sizes include a three-digit number that corresponds to the tire's measurement, using millimeters, between its sidewalls. A slash precedes the next value, which tells us the height of the tire's sidewalls divided by the previous number. Usually, an R follows. This abbreviation indicates the tire's radial structure, which provides endurance. Rounding out the tire's essential details, we learn, in inches, the matching wheel diameter. If you have any questions about tire sizes, all of us at eMotorsWest.com are here to help you.

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