Do you want the style and options of a sedan with the utility of an SUV? A crossover is the vehicle for you. It offers all the features you want in a compact vehicle.

One of the downsides to a regular SUV is its size. Some drivers just don't want that size vehicle. The term crossover is commonly used to refer to compact SUVs. However, it can also refer to tall wagons and larger hatchbacks. The beauty of a crossover is that it offers the utility of an SUV in a more compact form that's fuel-efficient. Plus, you get the stylish lines found in higher-end cars, without the high price tag.

You can also get crossovers with options like third-row seating and technology upgrades. If you need a vehicle with plenty of interior room without a boxy exterior, check out this year's crossover models here at in Caldwell, ID.

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