Our dealership wants to make sure you understand how to inspect your wipers and what damages them. Enemies of your wiper blades include sunlight, oil from waxes, sand, mud, and acid rain.

You should clean your windshield and wipe the wiper blades every time you pump gas. This will remove dirt and grime and extend the life of the wiper blades. Damaged blades will skip and split causing streaking and limited visibility. During the cold winter months, it's not a good idea to use your wipers and fluid to de-ice your windshield. The rough ice will wear out the rubber very quickly.

Wiper blades should be inspected at least once every six months and replaced at least one time a year. The metal frame should be inspected for corrosion and to make sure it's not bent or cracked. If you would like us to inspect your wipers, call our service center today.

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