If you're a proud Pomeranian parent or a personal chauffeur for a Bichon Frise, fur-covered upholstery is a struggle. We at eMotorsWest.com get questions from dog owners regarding fast fur removal all the time. The following tricks will help you quickly and safely remove dog fur from your fluffy dog flyer.

Create a fur-removal spray by combining two teaspoons of fabric softener with a spray bottle of water. Wearing rubber gloves, spray your car seats, run your hands over the upholstery, and watch the fur stick to your gloves like magnets. Choose a scented fabric softener, if you'd like to freshen up your car.

If you're pressed for time or would rather skip the chemicals, use plain water. You can get comparable results with a little more elbow grease. Have more fun in Caldwell, ID by test driving a fluffy-dog approved vehicle.